SHIFT is looking for people who can play an active role in global projects in our quality assurance business, especially in the distribution field. 


We have put together an article to let you know what it is like to work at SHIFT and examples of career advancement.

Bite-sized Explanation:What kind of company is SHIFT ?

SHIFT is evolving into a comprehensive DX services company.


To help understand what kind of company SHIFT is, we have compiled some frequently asked questions and useful links for easy reference. 

What kind of company is SHIFT?

The Value that SHIFT’s Logistics & Distributions Service Unit provides

With consumer lifestyles rapidly changing, the distribution industry has placed even greater emphasis on the fundamentals of commerce, such as sales methods and promotional efforts.


“Even so, the essence of selling and delivering goods remains unchanged,” Assistant Manager Kondo observed. 


In light of the current trends, we would like to explore the value that SHIFT’s Logistics & Distributions Service Unit provides to this dynamic industry sector.

In the ever-changing distribution industry, SHIFT strives to be the only partner you need for strategic DX projects

Career journey as PMO

Seeking opportunities to develop his career as a PM, he discovered SHIFT and found the environment was an ideal match for his professional goals.


In this interview, the shares his career journey, what he learned along the way, and how SHIFT helped him achieve this ambitious goal.  

From SE to PMO within a year: how clear promotion criteria and a supportive culture helped him achieve his goals 

Event Report

We held an online information session with the theme “Build Your Global Career with SHIFT” to discuss that topic.


Guest speaker was a PMO at SHIFT who supports a leading Japanese retail company, the session began with an introduction to SHIFT and the career paths available here. Then, we talked with guest spearker, asking about his experience in global project management.

Build Your Global Career with SHIFT 

Event Report

This article recaps a webinar hosted by SHIFT called “How to Tailor Your Career Development to Changes in Life Stage.”

The speakers discussed changes in the environment surrounding female engineers and shared career stories from the perspective of “mama engineers.”

How to Tailor Your Career Development to Changes in Life Stage: Creating a sustainable work style and staying true to yourself