What kind of company is SHIFT?

What kind of company is SHIFT?

SHIFT is evolving into a comprehensive DX services company; can you see yourself putting your skills and experience to use as a member of our team? 

To help understand what kind of company SHIFT is, we have compiled some frequently asked questions and useful links for easy reference. 

What does SHIFT do?

SHIFT is a publicly listed IT company that continually has high sales every year. Our solutions are evolving from a specialization in software testing to more comprehensive DX services. 

Source: Integrated Report 2022 P.20

Between March 2010 and July 2023, we supported 2,700 companies across a wide range of industries, including finance, manufacturing, distribution, telecommunications, web services, and game development. 

Why do you hire thousands of IT engineers annually? 

Because we still need new employees for various positions to support our growth.

During our fiscal year ending in August 2023, the turnover rate was 6.4%, and it continues to decrease year by year through various measures. 

We are actively recruiting talented IT engineers, including those who work remotely within Japan, and we welcome U-turn employees and those who plan to relocate in the future. 


Source: Integrated Report 2022 P.4

What kind of people work at your company and how do they work? 

We have a diverse team. Our employees range from young people in their 20s, including new graduates and those with no experience, to people in their 50s and 60s, and everything in between.

They have previously worked as SEs and PMs at SIers, in the information systems or IT planning department of companies, and at consulting firms, among others. 

The library section of this career site contains hundreds of employee interviews.

As you read, you will be recommended articles based on your browsing history, or you can also browse by topic-based tags.

For example, the “PM” tag will bring up articles about project management, and the “Why I Joined SHIFT” interview series provides concrete examples of job change experiences from our team members. 

Here are a few articles to help you get started: 


From SE to PMO within a year: how clear promotion criteria and a supportive culture helped him achieve his goals 

How to Tailor Your Career Development to Changes in Life Stage: Creating a sustainable work style and staying true to yourself

There are also event recaps and special features, such as articles about working parents, posted regularly – ten to twenty articles are published each month!

How is SHIFT trying to “break through the multiple subcontracting structure of the IT industry?” 

Instead of the conventional structure in which a major development vendor (SIer) receives a single order and passes it on to a subcontractor, SHIFT manages projects by communicating directly with the client company in the upstream process. 

By placing orders directly with development companies that have the ability to perform the work, regardless of hierarchical structure or company size, we will eliminate the middleman and ensure that orders are placed and received at appropriate project prices. 

We will also enable smooth project implementation and optimal product quality by managing the lateral integration of development vendors, the software testing process and all related tasks. 

For example, participation as a PM/PMO can be broadly divided into the three patterns shown in the following graphic.

There are an increasing number of cases in which we are participating as a PMO from the upstream process  and, as of the end of May 2023, 75.9% of our sales in software testing-related services were “prime” projects, working directly with the end-user company. 

As PMO, we work across the board to help define requirements and manage overall progress, including sub-teams. We keep track of overall conditions, provide testing resources accordingly, and see the project through to post-release operation. 

We will provide specific examples of projects during the interview process. 

Working Environment 

Evaluation System

What is essential for growth is the will of the individual. That is why SHIFT places importance on a process that is not top-down but a dialogue in which employees set their own goals and participate in evaluating their own performance.The starting point is the question, “Where do you want to be in five years?”  

Furthermore, at SHIFT, performance is linked to both promotions and salary.

We transparently share our job classification and wage tables within the company so everyone can easily understand the responsibilities and performance indicators for both their current role and the job they are aiming for.  

To learn more, please check out this article: 

Our commitment to employee evaluations and personalized career development for every member

Our Employee-focused Mindset

“At SHIFT, we try to identify all the reasons why productivity might be lowered, and if an employee asks for help, we try to do what we can as an organization to help them,” says Mr. Sugahara, Senior Executive Officer and HR Department Director. 

A company is a means to enjoying life. If you have a problem, we hope you will not worry about it alone.

Speak to someone within the company right away, so we can find a speedy solution.

We want our employees to enjoy their work and for that positive experience to carry over into their leisure time and daily lives. 

Below is an article that shares more about SHIFT’s focus on its employees:

【前編】日本の未来のために、人事の私たちに何ができるだろう  vol.1 ~「幸せに働く」を科学したい~ 


In this series, PMs and QA engineers who are active in the field answer questions that we receive from people considering a career change, such as, What kind of projects do you participate in? Do I have to be a dedicated IT professional to join SHIFT?  

These short 5-minute audio contents are perfect for background listening: